Driving from Sarajevo to Mostar = amazing scenery!


This summer during our road trip we were a couple of days in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  We were very excited to go to Bosnia and to be honest, also a bit anxious. On the internet I read a lot of warnings on driving in Bosnia and even on walking in Bosnia due to the million unmarked and marked landmines still remaining from the war in the 90s. Next to that, my family and friends thought that there was still a war going on in Bosnia. Off course I knew there wasn’t, but I did expect to see a lot of  evidence from the war. Therefore our first plan was to safely stay in the capital. Oh I forgot to mention, GPS does not work in Bosnia at all so that was also a big reason to not drive around the country too much.

However we really wanted to visit the city of Mostar, a very popular tourist destination in Bosnia. A friend give us a number of a taxi-driver from Sarajevo who drives you around for a whole day for 100 EUROS in Bosnia and shows you various places and Mostar off course. So we contacted him, since our friend really recommended him. Unfortunately the first day he didn’t show up and after calling him numerous time he said he was sick. He would let us know if he would be better the second day. Never heard of him again so that was a big disappointment. It did let us to the decision to drive by ourselves, which I am so happy for afterwards so still a big thanks to you lazy taxi-driver!

Why? Because it was a 2-hour long drive full of amazing beautiful scenery which made us go like ‘aahh woow look there’  after every twist in the road. The picture above this blog post takes me back immediately to the moment I toke it. The weather was perfect with warm temperatures and a clear blue sky. The roads were in a better state than some roads in The Netherlands and we didn’t even need a GPS since the signs on the road let us smoothly to Mostar. It was everything beyond our expectations which made it so awesome!

Now some practical information and tips if you’re planning to do the same (which you should!):

-One-way Sarajevo-Mostar takes around 2-2.5 hours. The area is very mountainous so it’s quite a windy road but very easy to drive. There are many stops, villages and gasstation on the route. Going by car will cost you around 20 EUROS in total, since gasoline is very cheap in Bosnia (compared to the Netherlands).

-There also goes a train from Sarajevo to Mostar and some french guys we met did the route by train, which is supposed to be amazing too. We saw the train rail going high up through the mountains! The only downside is that you cannot stop to for example take pictures or simply gaze quietly at a stunning spot.  Two-way ticket costs around 8 EUROS per person.

-The area belongs to the Dinaric Alps or also called Dinarides, which is a mountain chain in Southern Europe.

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